Once again, the Honky Tonk Piano Man

Yes, I’m writing about Gary Landgren again.  Tonight, he played at a summer concert, adding an incentive to participate by providing song sheets. Our mostly senior audience had a great time singing the old classic ditties, honky tonk style.  Bicycle built for two brought tears to my eyes as I remember my Dad singing the old tunes.

What fascinates me is how some people manage to support themselves doing exactly what they love.  Gary is a pure model.  With an unusually simple way of doing business.  Self taught since 15, specializing in the unique style of honky tonk piano, he always wanted to play the piano and have folks sing-a-long.   Now 25 years later, having honed his “gig” which includes a bit of history, and a bit of humor, showing the features of his piano, his marketing is the simplest.  Just a YouTube site containing multitudes of video clips entertaining with his unique style of playing the oldies.  He gives out his email and phone number wherever he plays.  That’s it.

Living in the middle of Massachusetts, he’s easily accessible to a multitude of senior establishments all over the state, and in neighboring Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Obviously he’s frequently invited back.

While exchanging hours for cash is not the usually recommended business model for maximizing one’s income, the simplicity of the transaction apparently works for him. It will probably work for him for the next 40 years.  Note to self:  If you love doing what you are doing and it works for you, keep doing it.

Gary Landgren loves to play that piano.  Fast.   And we loved being there.

Take a break for two minutes and  taste  pure joy in action.  Sweet!