Have you made your bucket list?

One of the strategies for getting closer to doing more of what you love may be.. ...Drum Roll... .making your “bucket list”.  Whatever your age, take the time to reflect on your dreams.  The real ones…as in…

What do you want to be sure to do before you die?

Make your answers to that question real by actually writing them down. Take them seriously.  Note that the choice to answer that question is different from the choice to act on your answers.   Reflecting and writing is doable–right now!

What’s important is making that first choice.  Revel in your discoveries about your life wishes.   What will they teach you?  What might you want to do about them?   (For those who haven’t seen the wonderful movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman who widely inspired the making of bucket lists, I recommend it.)

For more on this topic, enjoy the following:

1. Visit the post of my colleague Joanna Rueter at www.sustainable-aging.com as she plays a bucket list game.

2. Visit the coverage of one who took LARGE her bucket list reflections and inspired action internationally.

Have you made your bucket list?


For those who wish a little support in thinking about your present and future, here’s the list of affordable and local fall programs.