It’s a process, it’s your process

One of the joys of staying in touch, through occasional updates to former attendees of my classes, is that sometimes I receive return emails letting me know how life is going, with a lesson for us all.  With permission, I am sharing J’s recent response to me.

Thank you for staying in touch…

I took your class at Holyoke Community College with the hopes of finding a way to move on from a bad “break” in nursing job.

Still no job, but I am helping others out as I am able in my community and in my church. I am trying to reconnect with others who have become empty nesters or retired and renew those friendships.

I will start enjoying a book club in the fall which I have never done. I’ve joined the local garden club.

I find myself cooking for others, puttering in the garden and supporting my husband as he begins a new job at age 63. I am happy.

So what I find I’ve been doing has kept me content and I am enjoying not having pressure to “do something”.

I do worry about money, but my husband says not to.. can’t say I listen!!

…. I am open to possibilities.  The more I engage with others, I feel an opportunity will present itself.

To me, J’s response is a wonderful testament to the need to take time–the need to engage in a transitionary process and be patient throughout.  Time to make peace with a tough “ending” and recover from a very stressful job. Time to explore new activities.  Time to be content with who one is, try new things, and pay attention to what satisfies the soul.

Fortunately J has the wherewithal, with the support of her husband,  to be able to take time and create space for her process.

May we all.


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