She’s an artist!

It’s good to pay attention to the skills you have and particularly the ones you are hesitant about “owning.”  In my view, far too many of us are hesitant to announce, “this is who I am.”  Or, at the very least “this is who I am some of the time and I really enjoy it!”

The young lifeguard at the Y where I swim, showed me her assigned sketches for her art class. “Oh, are you an artist?” I asked, admiring her talent. She  fumbled with “well”, “maybe”, and finally mumbled “I do cartoons.”

As we walked together and she held open the door for me, I said to her: “Let an old lady offer you a gift. The correct answer to that question is “Yes, I am an artist!”

Her grateful eyes told me that the gift had landed.

A random act of giving, the opportunity for which probably surfaces frequently with folks of any age.

Are you owning your gifts?  Are you helping others own theirs?