Discovering What You Love: Parent Clues

For some folks, thinking about doing what they love is fraught with confusion and uncertainty. What DO I love?  is one of the questions which is hard to answer.  What AM I really good at? is another.  From a coach colleague, Karen Ribeiro,  I got some wonderful insight about a way to get clues for both of those questions––at least if you have ever been a parent.

Karen, a parent herself, notes that parents tend to be all purpose cooks and bottle washers. It’s part of the deal of raising children.    No surprise to you parents who are reading this.  However, you may never sufficiently have put names to the variety of roles you play, nor thought about whether you had a real gift for them or not.

The skills and talents required in that role have likely included such things as academic or career coach and mediator or peacekeeper.   Let’s not forget human resource manager,  party and vacation planner,  cook, baker, dietician or nutritionist, entertainer.  And more, banker or accountant, athletic coach, storyteller, spiritual advisor, home manager, personal shopper and the list goes on.

What a wonderful point of reflection when reviewing both the accomplishments of your life and its pleasures.  What a resource the parental role offers as you reflect about what you were good at, what you liked, and what you might want to do more of in the world.

Yes, parenting is a job without salary.  The payments for parenting are in the pleasures.  Enjoy mining this resource of memories for everything that comes along with the choice to be a parent. Remind yourself of the serendipitous requirements you were able fulfill with some ease. Note the relevance of the gifts and experiences of those roles for the choices (how to do and be)  that face you right now.

What did you discover?